The pictures below show the sign created for a Methodist Church in Tampa. The main idea behind this concept was that the church wanted to have a logo made that would replicate the cross and flame. We knew that a backlit sign was the answer. The flame and the cross were made from aluminum and then they were painted red to match the color of the logo. LED lightning was installed behind the aluminum which casts a white light at night. This effect gives the backlit sign its name. The LED lightning used is very common and easy and efficient to operate.

IMG01022 IMG01024





In terms of the material (aluminum) that the backlit sign is made out of, the sign is durable and will last for a long time. The aluminum structure stands a few inches off of the wall that it is mounted to, which allows the lightning to spread behind the sign and project on to the wall. The sign distributes an even amount of light. We offer a variety of different lighting color options. The sign also uses a 20 amp circuit helping to cut the cost of electricity. Customer feedback tell us that not only does this sign catch the public’s attention but is also classy and appealing. Make your sign or logo readable 24 hours a day by ordering a backlit sign! If you are considering a backlit sign, we would be happy to help you. Call us at 813-914-7006!