Monument signs help in not only identifying your property, but also increases exposure of your business. Purchasing a monument sign is a great way to stand out. Customizing options allow you to choose the size of the sign as well as a basic or sophisticated design and more. One of many advantages to a monument sign is that it is extremely durable. Premier Signs can even do custom lightning for your monument sign!

Premier signs worked on a monument sign for Safway Services, LLC. The sign was a non-illuminated sign cabinet that was 5” deep with two 5×10’faces. The graphics were applied to both faces. Three eye bolts were installed at the top of the cabinet for mounting, and the cabinets were painted white and sign faces with white background. While designing this sign we considered the logo and elements to include on the sign face.  The use of colors and background color need to work together to make an impressive sign from passing traffic. In addition, we consider the speed of traffic to optimize the letter size for visibility.  When passing traffic is going by the sign at 45mph, the viewing distance from the road is also important to think about. A car 200’ or 300’ away can have a hard time reading small letters.  We encourage the use of some sign space to include the address numbers.  New customers or prospects visiting the business can easily find you!


Monument signs are sometimes illuminated externally.  The use of ground flood lights can be incorporated on a monument sign. Generally, a pylon or pole sign will be too high in the air for ground lighting to work well.

Internally illuminated monument signs are popular and can be a variety of color of lights. The text doesn’t have to be white light.  The use of perf vinyl is a way to get one color by day and another color by night. Perhaps, you would like a black face by day and blue face at night.  Your imagination can be your guide on color selection.

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