We had the pleasure of working with DCR Engineering to replace some signs after a branding change. Premier Signs had the chance to design an acrylic reception area sign as well as an acrylic conference room sign.

There are many different customizing options when it comes to lobby signs. With the DCR Engineering lobby, the sign that was installed had dimensional letter (acrylic that as 1” thick) to feature the logo. Each acrylic latter was stud mounted to give the sign a dimensional look, and each letter had a brushed aluminum face. The acrylic letters were laser cut. The nice thing about aluminum letters, is that it really provides an eye catching look against a painted wall.

In terms of the logo, it was printed on a vinyl material that was protected by a laminate. The logo was 6; long and ½ inch think which created a nice dimension. This really made the reception area look professional.

The conference room sign at DCR Engineering was printed on clear acrylic. This acrylic sign was mounted to the wall using aluminum standoffs. This provides depth to the sign. You can even choose for your sign to stand off the wall enough to cast a shadow which also creates more dimension.

There are a variety of different acrylic options. No matter what type of wall you have, we can install acrylic lettering for you!

The beauty of this entire project comes down to the fact that these signs aren’t permanent. DCR engineering can take these signs off the wall and take them to a new location if needed!

Please do not hesitate to call us at 813-914-7006 for any questions regarding lobby signs/acrylic signs. We would be happy to help!