Location- Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL.

Premier Signs took on a fun project at the museum where we designed a variety of banner signs from different materials and mounted them in different ways.

Lobby signs come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Our first priority when taking lobby signs into consideration, is figuring out the size of the lobby and what type of sign will work best. If ceilings are high, banners are great to hang from the ceiling or a floor stand. In terms of the floor stand, the stand has a square base with a weight, which makes it secure.

With regards to the stands that the banners sit on, the stand has locks, a strong base, and a very sleek style. This banner stand also allows you to adjust the height and you have the option to use a double-sided display. The stand is able to hold banners and foam core boards. This stand is a great option!

Another great option is a retractable banner. You have the choice of doing a single- sided print on many different types of materials. Premier Signs prints on fabric, banner material or vinyl material.

With hanging banners, these can be installed with brackets or they can also hang off of features in the building space. The great thing about the brackets is that they can be mounted onto the wall allowing someone to see the print from both directions. This makes the double sided banners very popular.

In this circumstance, we hung the fabric banners. The banners were printed and pole pockets were installed to allow the banner to hang over the exhibit. With many different options, you could even take two single -sided banners sewn together to make a double-sided display. You may think that the material would show through. However, we install a block out material that prevents all the light from shining through.

The fabric used offers sharp colors for a variety of different signs. This wrinkle resistant fabric is ideal. Call us today to find out more information!