Depending on the look and style that your business is going for, Premier Signs offers many custom options in terms of interior office signs in Tampa. We are not only focused on your design, but also on your budget.

When thinking about where you sign should be located in your business, it is very important to take into consideration the design and lighting that the room has to offer. If you’re looking to have your sign match the mood of your office and fit with the décor, we have many font styles and designs to make it happen.

Most office entrances areas are accompanied by lobby signs that are made from different materials. Most people prefer acrylic, foam, plastic and metal. However, you don’t just have to stick with one. Many people combine different lettering. In terms of acrylic and foam signs, these signs offer raised lettering. Whereas metal finished can be polished, random arc, brushed, or even satin. With cast lettering as well as plastic lettering, they can both offer dimension if you’re looking for depth.  This gives the sign a type of 3 dimensional look. Also remember, that the different letters from acrylic, foam, plastic to metal all can be different shapes and sizes depending on how you want your lobby sign to look. Having a sharp looking lobby sign is great for making a first impression on customers.  Another popular lobby sign is printed on clear acrylic and mounted with stand-offs.

Premier Signs even offers flat cut metal letters. These letters are extremely customizable as they come in an aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze finish. With these letters, you are able to choose a thickness or spacer that would give the sign a shadow affect.

We service Tampa, Orlando, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and surrounding counties such as Polk County, Pasco County. Actually, about any where in the state of Florida for your signage needs. Call us at 813-914-7006.