Metal plaques have come a long way in variety and customization to make great looking signs. The plaques are ideal for schools, professional offices, industrial buildings and commerative use.  The plaques can be designed to fit the overall customer need and budget.  IMG_3466For example, the type of metal used and thickness  can vary price to be able to meet budget.  Some of the design features of plaques can included a raised border or recessed background painted to different colors. The background can have different finishes from smooth to some texture.  The lettering on the plaque can be raised or recessed into the face. Since a range of metals can be used, the plaque is truly custom. A cast metal plaque is shown above.

The borders have many options such as, a single line or double line to inset with a bevel. Also, no border is possible if desired.  The finish options on plaques can of course have different looks with bronze finish, polished finish, or clear coat for more harsh exterior locations.

Most plaques are probably mounted to a wall and typically stud mounted or screwed to the wall.  The screw head can be hidden with decorative small covers that are painted to match the plaque.  However, sometimes a wall is not practical and a post mounted plaque is more appropriate.

We find the portrait style plaque a popular way to get to a photograph image on the face of the plaque.IMG_1219 There are a variety of relief features available such as flat relief and a raised BAS relief. Of course, the picture quality can also determine the best method of plaque.

The picture shown is an aluminum plaque with raised border and photo image from old photographs.

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