A variety of banners can be seen in and around schools and industry.  A popular banner type in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL, is mesh banners.  Mesh banners offer a complete option.  The mesh banner can be fully printed in any color and utilize logo. Steinbrenner HS The mesh banner is strong and sturdy to allow air flow and resist some affects of wind.  The hem is typically reinforced to give it extra strength. Grommets are added around the edge to give it a functional way to be installed.

A popular mesh banner install for schools is on a fence. Sometimes the fence has road frontage and other times it is internal to school property to offer a theme of school spirit.  The athletic field fence signs have a nice impact on visitors and home students.

In most cases, not just one banner is enough!  The mesh banner is so popular that one fence may have the school name and another fence may have a school spirit message.

Of course with the wide format printing, the banners can be quite long. They can be seamed as necessary to create a banner that looks hundreds of feet long.  fence bannerWe’ve had mesh banners printed for schools where the goal was to hide parked cars from visually being seen from the road.  A solid color background with logo is fine that purpose.

Construction sites often use mesh banners to hide the work going on behind the fence. Of course the banners can be saved an re-used on another property. Buildings often use mesh banners for logos.

Keep us in mind to help design your next mesh banner.