Custom printed wall murals are gaining in popularity.  The wall murals can be printed on a variety of vinyl that allows for texture and unique look.  IMG_2670The customers range from Interior Designers looking for residential mural or commercial interior wall art to corporations wanting logo wall paper.  Some churches use wall art to decorate a hallway as shown on the left.

The more corporate theme wall murals are typically on interior drywall in hallways or conference rooms. The shown on the right is a a short hallway where clients may walk by to the door.  The wall needs to be fairly smooth to offer a clean smooth look when the job is done.IMG_2105

The mural is installed in panels and cut so that it appears seamless. The graphic image can be anything the customer wants. So, creative design is fine to get to a hi-resolution image. The artwork needs to be designed at full size about 300 dpi for good results.

The printed wall mural can have a laminate applied to keep it clean and looking good.  The image at the left was done for an area where children are present, so the mural stays good looking even with small hands touching it.  Children’s rooms would be another place to put a custom mural. Both interesting and durable.  Our design team is ready to discuss a project for commercial signage and find a way to make it unique.IMG_1072