Every monument sign is custom designed.  Commercial Business Signage needs to be unique. We recently embraced a new monument sign project in St. Pete Beach, FL with a new  hotel on Gulf Blvd. The hotel wanted a custom monument design that complimented the design of the building and area. The building is painted a variety of colors and the monument needs to have a few of those incorporated.  Zamora monumentAlso, the style of trim needs to be created with with columns and cap top that offer decorative features.  The acrylic letter on face of the monument are blended with paints that offer a color match to logo and guaranteed for life.  The sign design uses logos, one for the hotel and one for the Castille restaurant.  The double sided monument is made from aluminum and painted stucco finish. A smooth finish sometimes is requested as shown to the right in Clearwater, FL.photo 4


This type of monument shown can be lighted effectively using internal illumination or flood lights.

The depth of monument can vary up with amount of steel support and the size of the property.  We consider the  design a monument that fits the need of customer and engineer.  The engineer specs determine the appropriate structure of steel and metal to meet wind load requirements and depth and size of footer.

Illuminated monument signs are also popular in Tampa, FL . If overhead illumination is needed perhaps something like this monument shown at left is good for your project. mosaic monument up close The LED lighted monument sign is popular and easy to service for repairs. For those  customers wanting an illuminated cabinet the model shown to the right may be a good style.cabinets