Most businesses want and need an electric sign.  When considering an illuminated sign many things come into consideration. First of all if you own the business or lease a premise.  Business owners that own the property can make decisions about what type of building sign best suits their need.  If the premise is leased you must consider how long the lease runs and what amount of money to invest.  If you plan to move in 3-5 years your sign may or may not work on the new building. In addition, the landlord will have certain criteria to determine what kind of sign to allow for the building.  Many times channel letter signs are popular with the business owner but the landlord may only allow illuminated sign cans. L A Law Some times building signage is illuminated by spotlights.  The spot lights can be placed above or below the sign.  The letters can be formed plastic or acrylic designed as custom signage for the business. The acrylic building signs are probably the most popular of the non-illuminated signs.

The channel letter signs are mostly illuminated using LED light.  The LED signs are very efficient on energy use and can be very powerful to communicate the company need.

An example of LED Channel Letter sign is something like this picture on the right.  Dr. Bernstein Channel LettersThis business needed to use a logo, the main name in individual letters and description in the illuminated sign can below.  The raceway sign is probably most popular for mounting to exterior wall.  It has less penetration holes than direct mounted channel letters.   So, LED signs are more favorable now over the neon signs.

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