We are proud to offer vehicle wraps with special color material to change the look of your car. It offers an alternative to painting a car and wide options to make your vehicle stand out! It conforms to the vehicles with ease and offers long-term removability from painted surfaces. It protects your vehicle paint from sun UV and other stains. The solid color wrapping material has built in protective clear coat. Some of the popular colors include matte black to give that West Coast look. The other types/colors include Matte Silver, Black Carbon Fiber, White Carbon Fiber, Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Titanium, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel Blue, Brushed Gold, Hot Rod Red, Blue Metallic. The vinyl is applied on one piece so you won’t see any seams. Vehicle wrap 1 A 3 year warranty on vertical surfaces and one year on horizontal surfaces. We can apply graphics on top of color change to create that custom look for your business. Color change vinyl is growing fast in the industry. It is affordable and gives great first impression. All kinds of design twists can be incorporated on the vehicle. So, for that special look come by to see what style fits you. Let us custom design your vehicle.