Premier Signs, Tampa, FL recently launched a Facebook page to make you smile. We commonly find signs that make us laugh or just look odd enough to wonder – What were they thinking?  We placed a FUNNY SIGNS album on our page to make viewing them quick and easy.  We plan to update the signs frequently so follow us often.  If a Funny Sign makes you laugh, hit the LIKE  button and let us know!

We invite YOU to SHARE funny pictures of signs by posting them on our wall.  We encourage you to participate and share the sillyness.  The more we all laugh the better.  Don’t be shy, pull out that camera phone and snap one.  Our team of funny experts will review the photos and perhaps add them to OUR album for world wide coverage.  Let your sign be funny, yet tasteful.

If a sign makes you scratch your head and say, that doesn’t make sense. Post it.

If a sign is spelled wrong. Post it.

If a sign just doesn’t belong in that scene or place. Post it.

Thanks for your help.