When it comes to a signs effectiveness, it’s hard to argue that priority number one should be its visibility. A signs visibility can be enhanced in a number of ways.

It is important to consider the proper visibility of letters when designing a sign.  We try to help the customer design a sign that is effective from the viewing distance of your traffic.  Also, the speed of traffic from slow pedestrian traffic to the high speed traffic of the highway is important to know.  We like to have the minimum letter height of 4″ when viewing distance is 100 feet. A city block needs a letter about 16″ high. Something close to 1/4 mile requires about a 57″ letter.  Another important factor for visibility is the color of the letter and background.  It’s been shown the most visible colors are black and yellow combination. Other striking colors such as bright red can really help a sign to stand out from its surroundings.

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