The new school year is ever evolving with in class and online learning, but one thing remains the same: Interior signs are a must for traffic flow and identifying not only business offices, classrooms, restrooms, and emergency exits, but new procedures as well. One more aspect of school that interiors signs can help with is… school spirit!

Getting kids back into the classroom is only one aspect of giving kids the best atmosphere in which to learn. It also gives students a chance to evolve socially through classroom activities, clubs and sports. They can be a part of a larger group, usually under the umbrella of a school name and mascot. For example, they are not just in 3rd grade at Egypt Lake Elementary, they are also an “Eagle”.  Signs like this large 3D eagle are made of carved sign foam that is painted. It is the perfect life-like inspiration on this white cement cafeteria wall. Paired with varying sizes of bright blue acrylic letters, it reinforces the inclusive concept, boosts morale and camaraderie, all while bringing a drab wall to life.

Other carved or sandblasted signs can be seen at various schools around Tampa Bay. They hang in cafeterias, gymnasiums, and athletic and business offices. High schools as well as elementary schools all proudly display their mascots for visitors and rivals to see. A carved or sandblasted sign is not, however, the only way a sign can become dimensional. Using the very same acrylic of the letters on the wall, you can create a 3D effect, by stacking, or using acrylics of varying thicknesses, like the lobby sign at Enterprise High School. You can also install all or segments of your sign with pegs that are attached to the wall and the sign parts attached to them. This literally lifts them off the wall. Even a flat medium like vinyl, can be precision cut to create a sense of movement, with the intent to trick the eye, resulting in a more realistic and dimensional image like the vinyl wall mural at displayed Patel High School. The Trailblazers horse rearing on his hind legs really gives the sense that he is, indeed, blazing a trail. Signs, whether it is an image or a quote has more impact when it, literally or figuratively, jumps out at you.

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