Signs in lobbies, hallways and reception areas continue to work overtime to help with social distancing. The lobby directory, the restroom signs, even the “Do Not Enter” signs are playing an even more important role in customer care these days. Does the inside of your business create a safe atmosphere for your clients? One way to improve that safe feeling is to have the right interior signage. Customers are more apprehensive than ever to seek out someone to answer their questions or get directions, so help them out and provide ample signs to increase their comfort level.

Directional signs are the number one kind of sign that can really help. They include lobby directories, a must especially in a multi floor building. The one pictured here is made of brushed aluminum but many are made acrylic or vinyl. They can also be  enclosed behind glass, but all are made with individual parts that can be changed out when occupants change. They are usually the first thing to be looked at upon entrance to a lobby, and a lifeline to a lost visitor, so make sure yours is a quality sign that is easily used. There are other directories that are in use before you step inside. These are at driveway entrances, parking lots and on buildings’ exteriors, and are just as important especially in a large complex. Schools, professional office parks and hospitals are just a few examples of who utilizes these.  Office signs and reception area signage are very custom.

Once a client or visitor reaches the desired building or floor, there are still many directional signs that are necessary to insure an enjoyable experience with minimal social contact. The use of well designed and easily legible signs, (complete with arrows when needed) can provide the whereabouts of the reception and sign in, restroom location, stairs and emergency exits, office procedures and health protocols, as well as dangerous or prohibited areas. Beautiful and artistically crafted signs can provide directions and enhance the look of your interior spaces. There is no shortage of material choices, colors, finishes, sizes and shapes that these interior directional signs can be made of.  Acrylics, polyblend boards, aluminum, and vinyl all suspended from ceilings, attached to walls, or even inserted in the ground can increase the safe atmosphere that will keep your customers coming back to do their business with you.

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