The world is different these days, but somethings must continue on, like your business, as efficiently as possible. Your exterior business signs are even more important than before. You must have the best signs possible for your location in order to assure your business is getting the most outdoor marketing exposure possible.

Multi Layer Signs create attention, attracting the eye from many directions. People are more preoccupied than usual and single focused when they do venture out. It is up to you to make the most of their encounter with your location, whether driving by or visiting a neighboring business. Make your exterior signage work for you by covering all your bases by adding multi layer signs at multi levels.

Your main entrance exterior sign directs them toward your location, especially if you are their intended target, but what if your business isn’t their primary focus? Once the step under an eve or covered walkway, unless they are directly facing your business, they no longer are influenced by your sign. So, even if they are only a few doors away, they may not notice your business location. To avoid this, there are other types of signs that can be strategically placed to get you noticed.

One such sign is a sidewalk  A Frame sign. Beltone hearing solutions has used this second tier sign at some of their locations with great success. The newest is at their Venice, Florida location. The sign frame is made of a durable molded plastic, two part frame with a top hinge, creating the A shape. This allows a complete sign face to be seen in two opposite directions, capturing the line of sight of potential customers coming or going. The sign itself is made of printed vinyl and can be color matched to your existing signs. Be creative. Use this sign to reinforce your location’s branding, especially when in a brand new spot, and then later to display a sale or event. Just change out the vinyl sign face. It is a temporary sign that can be used as often as you like.

The next sign is found by looking overhead. It is an acrylic can sign that is hanging just outside your business entrance but from the covered roof. It too is double sided, and this one can be LED lit. Usually hung by two thin poles from the underside of the roof, it can be seen from a distance in either direction without taking up sidewalk space, or interfering with head space. When most tenant’s sign will be against the outside walls and windows, this one is at a 90 degree angle. This juxtaposition to the building is what places your sign front and center to anyone traveling the sidewalk area. This extra second tier marketing sign assures great exposure among the many neighboring businesses! The Beltone location in New Port Richey has just installed their exterior hanging acrylic sign shown here

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