This recent lobby sign installation is a great example that the right custom signage can be so much more than meets the eye. Near West Shore Avenue in Tampa, Florida there is an office building that is now a lot more customer friendly, thanks to the design of their new acrylic suite signs.

These office building lobby signs, placed on the wall just outside their respective entrances, have a simple and professional look. Giving the entire building a cohesive look, they are each made from acrylic that has a painted background and black lettering that identifies each of the occupants. It’s what you don’t see immediately, that sets them apart. The upper section of the sign is made up of raised numbers and coordinating braille to assist the blind. A metal accent adds to the look of the small wall sign, while providing a border. When two tenants use the same entrance, the raised number and braille are situated at the top and between the two office titles in a vertical fashion.

The use of acrylic for these interior signs is practical and aesthetic. Acrylic material comes in many colors as well as the clear choice here, that can be painted. Usually the paint color is applied to the back of the piece, adding to its durability. This is the case here, and for good reason, the ADA signs are supposed to be touched. Acrylic is easily cleaned and is a sturdy material at any thickness.

Business office lobby custom cut acrylic logo symbol

Although not necessary for this application, acrylic can be cut to virtually any shape and size. Precision cuts can make even the most intricate of symbols or logo shapes, with beautiful, clean edges. They will survive up close inspection, which makes it a great material for interior reception and lobby signs. Acrylic is also lightweight so most installations are easy, even large pieces installed high up on walls. These eye level suite signs are installed flush to the interior wall, but other acrylic signs can be stand off mounted, which raises them off the wall. Metal accent pegs can also add to the look of a stand off mounted sign.


This is another success story for Premier Signs of Tampa, and for a very satisfied customer. You, too, can get the expert guidance, follow through and completion that this recent customer had, just by contacting Premier Signs today. Call with your sign needs to 813-914-7006, or email details and questions to