New year, new look, doesn’t just pertain to your own personal appearance. Maybe it’s time for a new look for your business. Bring in the new era with a reevaluation of your business signage. Does your logo need updating? Are your signs looking drab and worn? If it has been a while…..reinvigorate your business with a new look.

Competition is all around you, and there is always a surge in business when a new store or business opens, so give your business a boost with a new look. Weathered and worn signs give the impression that your business is not keeping up with the times, and tends to have a negative effect. Shiny and new is always enticing, so do yourself a favor and consult the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to find out the options available to polish up your business exterior and interior.

Thryve Church of Tampa, Florida did just that. They decided that their outdoor monument sign needed an update. Armed with a fresh logo design, Thryve Church and the Premier Signs’ team collaborated on a fresh new acrylic face for the brick and wood exterior monument that sits near their entrance. The acrylic base is white and the logo is printed on clear vinyl and then covered by clear laminate. This two step process helps ensure that the logo, that normally would’ve been individually cut by color, no longer has the tendency to curl or “lift” at the edges. The blue, green and white sign is now a vibrant welcome to all the members and the visitors.

If your signs are in good shape, maybe your business could benefit from some additional signage. Could your business traffic increase with an exterior sign that is close to the street or facing another direction? Perhaps directional signs are needed on your business property to make your business more customer friendly, or help visitor, client or delivery traffic?

If your exterior signage is not lit, maybe now is the time to consider LED lit signs. LED lights are economical and give your signs the ability to work for you 24/7. Outdoor branding and marketing is invaluable for any business, so you can increase those hours by including LED lights. Call Premier Signs of Tampa to learn more about LED lit exterior signs and all your outdoor and indoor business sign options. Contact them by calling 813-714-9006 or email your questions to