Every outside business entrance door has some kind of name plate. They may be large or small, made from many different materials, and even serve multiple purpose. There are none; however, that exude a sense of class, like an engraved one.

Premier Signs of Tampa has created and installed many engraved signs throughout the years, and throughout the Tampa Bay area. Two such signs were place on the exterior walls of one building in Ybor. One is a bronze name plate for the Masonite company that now occupies the building and the second is a bronze plaque depicting the street blueprint of a by gone era of historical significance. They are both proudly displayed on the brick exterior.

Another outdoor building plaque is a small sign next to outer doors at a law office in Tampa. It bears the names of the four partners, identifying their particular entrance, as well as providing the street address. It too was installed on the outside of a brick building. It presents a professional touch and provides lots of important information in a small package. The right sign for the right place.

There are some plaques that are for displaying messages that are of a more personal or inspirational nature.  The large granite plaque that was installed at the base of the statue at the ICOT Center in Clearwater, Florida is a beautiful representation of such a sign. There is a quote taken from the book “Atlas Shrugged” that was engraved into the granite base and painted before mounting. It was a favorite of the developer and anchors this statue of the same name. It seemed bare before the plaque was installed and helped give ‘weight” to the base. The dark granite compliments the metal world sculpture that Atlas bears on his shoulders.

Engraved words on a plaque can hold meaning for an individual when placed in memory, in honor, or in thanks to benefactors, community leaders, teachers, doctors, business pioneers and many more. They can also be for historic significance, community awareness, or even to indicate and identify a department or office that may include restricted access. Engraved signs can be used indoors and out depending on the base material used. If you or your business need a special sign that needs that extra next level appearance, consider an engraved sign. Call 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com. to get experienced advice on an engraved sign today.