The SPCA of St. Petersburg, Florida is always growing, serving the needs of the area’s pets and their owners. Growth includes expanding to buildings to provide new services. These buildings are all painted the same light blue exterior color but they house different sections of their organization. They have come back to Premier Signs of Tampa each time they have needed signs to identify each building, office, or exam room and this time the need was on the exteriors of two buildings.

The first one is the home of the adoption center. It is a large, inviting building with lots of windows. Now identifiable by its name and namesake displayed on a polymetal outdoor sign over the large front window. The second building has yellow awnings and yellow painted doors, making it stand out, but its purpose was a mystery. Once its new poly metal sign was installed above the entrance however, visitors and clients were able to immediately recognize it as the education center. Both signs have a white background with black vinyl letters, in two sizes and text styles, proudly displaying the name and namesakes for all to see. The polymetal medium was chosen for its durability, and its cost effectiveness. It also has the advantage of being a sturdy, but lightweight material, so even these large signs were installed high off the ground with relative ease.

This same polymetal material was also used on other parts of the second building. They give directions to other SPCA departments, both in the same building and across the parking lot. These signs are quite a bit smaller than the nameplates but are just as important to the whole complex and their clients. Simple, clear wording, with directional arrows, really help to lessen confusion when looking for a particular division or office. These extra signs show the commitment the SPCA has to not only the pets but to pet owners and prospective future pet owners too. Eliminating what stress they can in the workplace with the right amount of signs is exemplary, and something all business owners should look in to.

Signs are such an important part of any business. Premier Signs of Tampa has many years of experience with interior and exterior business signs. Their knowledge can really benefit your company and the visitors and clients that come to your place of business too. Call them today at 813-914-7006 or email to