The large back wall of the new Patel High School’s cafeteria has been put to good use. it now proudly  displays an oversized depiction of their Trailblazer horse. What was once a very large blank wall, now features a mascot that seems to come alive. The powerful image, in the school’s colors, “rears” on its hind legs atop the Trailblazer name.

This wall mural’s use of vinyl is very impressive, and the choice of using vinyl for this particular installation, was a good one. Vinyl is such a versatile medium for signage and comes with a large array of options. Amongst them is the ability to create large images and text. Vinyl also comes in a great selection of colors, and can also be color matched. It is a durable, yet lightweight medium that is perfect for installing high on this 50′ wall. Another exceptional characteristic of vinyl is that it can be precision cut, allowing intricate, beautiful, custom graphics and texts. Vinyl is also cost effective, especially when faced with needing to fill a large wall like this one.

Vinyl is great for both interior and exterior signs and is often part of mixed media signs. Usually affixed to a base made of other materials, vinyl images can be placed on the front of the sign or on the back of a clear base. It is durable but can also be removed easily if needed. For instance, vinyl placed on exterior and interior windows can be changed out if information changes, like hours of operation, etc. Acrylic pylon inserts, directory signs and office entrance signs using vinyl lettering, make it easy for revolving tenants names or listings to be easily taken down and replaced. Patel High School’s mural is secure, high on the wall, and out of reach of any students curious hands, so removal is not an issue.

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