Interior lobby sign options are about as varied as lobby and reception areas can be. They range in scale, shape, color, design and sign materials, just to name a few.  There is however, a very versatile and popular medium that can suit the office sign needs of almost any business. This medium is acrylic. Once you have been in the sign business for any amount of time, you will begin to see why. Premier Signs of Tampa is no exception. Throughout the years, they have created and installed custom acrylic signs in lobbies across the Tampa Bay area. Signs abound from simple acrylic letters to custom dimensional shapes, frosted and mirrored designs, and precision, laser cut logos and symbols.

Once again, acrylic is the medium of choice for three of Premier Signs clients. Each application shows the true versatility of acrylics for a variety of business types. Starting with Hanenian Law Office, we can see that logo shapes are easily replicated and beautifully finished. The ability to cut precision cuts came in handy, not only for the logo cut out, but for the individual letters below. The Blue acrylic sign is an easily visible professional reflection of the law office and completes the reception area wall.

Next, The International Finance Bank in Tampa’s acrylic lobby sign not only shows another example of text style options, but also a different style of finish. Instead of flat letters, these are dimensional black acrylic letters with a mirror face. The same treatment was used on the bank’s logo symbol. The letters were made large enough to span the wall space available for the sign. The mirrored fronts catch your eye as they reflect the light from around the room and seem to gleam on the darkly painted wall. A less reflective finish would not have been as easy to read, therefore reducing its branding potential.

Premier Signs of Tampa’s third client had a bit more glitzy approach and still acrylics made it happen. Skinny Myxes used a frosted acrylic base with gold mirrored vinyl letters and image to create their custom indoor sign. They finished it off by using another installation method often used with acrylic sign bases, standoffs. They chose gold standoffs, to complete the theme, and to raise the entire sign off the wall, giving it true dimension.

Three completely different business profiles, three completely different indoor lobby signs, three completely satisfied customers. Call Premier Signs of Tampa today to be the next satisfied customer, with your new custom acrylic sign, or ask about other sign material options. Call 813-904-7006 or email to