Commercial properties require an assortment of varying outdoor business signs. These properties are usually vast, so the signs sometimes need to be multiple, a lot larger, higher off the ground, and/or double sided, but as usual every property is unique. The exterior signs at a commercial property need to go beyond the exterior building sign. Perimeter signs are a must, and there are multiple ones that may be needed at a single site.

Premier Signs of Tampa has years of experience creating custom outdoor commercial signs. A recent client install in involved YRC Freight. They have a large land parcel with a parking lot between their building and the street, so they needed a large sign to identify their business from the street. They chose a pylon, or pole, sign with a large acrylic double sided face that sits high above the ground. The face has a white background with multi colored vinyl applied to both sides displaying their name and logo. The base of the pylon is flat and wide enough to display large white address numbers. The completed sign is a friendly, professional beacon for clients, employees and visitors to the facility.

Kroslak Bakery is a return customer that just relocated their business and therefore needed new signage. They also chose to reinvent their logo and text style. They are a bakery equipment company that is also open to the public. Kroslak’s property is completely fenced, so they employed Premier Signs to create an updated sign to hang on the fence gate. It is a large aluminum backed poly blend board with a vinyl printed overlay. This polymetal sign material allows a large sized sign to be installed on the gate because it is a durable but lightweight material and still allows the gate to swing easily. Like YRC’s exterior sign, the use of a white background for Kroslak’s sign really sets off the other colors used for the logo and script. This use of high contrasting color design makes reading your sign from a distance even easier.

Whether using existing surfaces like fencing or starting from scratch and building a monument or pole sign, Premier Signs has the expertise to take your business sign wants and needs, and make them a reality. Customizing your exterior and interior signs is what we love to do. Send us your wish list by emailing or call us today at 813-914-7006.