Animals, especially pets, are fun to look at, play with, and make us feel good. When you walk into the SPCA of Tampa Bay, Largo you’ll not only find them anxiously awaiting adoption, but there are now friendly animal images hanging in the interior hallways. These scrim banners serve as directional signs indicating which interior entrance holds which type of potential pet. The small printed banners are hung by metal brackets and add personality to the hallway without taking up a lot of space. Hung high, they avoid protruding unsafely into the space where adults, children and animals of all sizes roam.

The SPCA of Tampa Bay, like many businesses understand that signs serve  many purposes. Most often interior signs include lobbies and reception areas displaying a logo sign or a welcome sign. Interior signage really goes way beyond this. They include everything from ADA and warning signs to informational or directional. All of these, done right, can serve multiple purposes much like the indoor animal banners at the SPCA. Differing materials from acrylic to fabric can add another layer of professionalism, complete with silver and bronze finishes, lettering, or with frosting and etching. Bright colored text or cut out images and symbols can add whimsy and friendliness to any space.

Overhead signs, whether attached to a wall by brackets or hung from the ceiling, are always in full view and easy to read. Identifying a stairwell, restroom, numbered suite or hamster, they serve to identify areas that customers and visitors are likely to be in search of. They can also protect customers from entering an area that is restricted or dangerous.

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