Kimmins Construction had a worn out awning over the exterior entrance of their training facility building. They came to Premier Signs of Tampa to refurbish the metal frame and replace the awning material. So, they first disassembled the awing material from the existing frame. Next, they detached the frame from the building’s metal exterior. After cleaning and sanding any loose or rusted spots, a fresh coat of black paint was applied. A new vinyl awning cover was then attached to the newly refurbished frame and installed back on to the metal exterior. The new awning draws the eye back to the entrance while identifying Kimmins Construction.

Providing a colorful “extra” to an exterior surface, especially a dimensional one, really adds to the buildings overall look. Depending on the shape and size of an awning, the function may not only be aesthetic. Awnings can also provide shade and protection from the elements. Over main entrances they can provide a welcoming introduction to your business and also showing that you are a customer friendly company.Essential Exterior Sign The same can be said for awnings over front windows. They not only add an attractive appeal to the space, but customers or employees sitting by these windows can enjoy the benefits of the shade they provide. A great option for a metal awning, instead of individual lettering, is a vinyl printed sign attached to its entire length. Make it in high contrasting colors to the base, and you’ve got a sign that won’t be missed.

Awning materials vary and come in beautiful colors of an enormous array. Logos, names, taglines, and services descriptions are just some possibilities of texts that can be displayed on these awnings. They can be your sole means of exterior building signage or part of a combination sign package. Many restaurants, office buildings, banks, and medical offices use awnings to identify themselves or at the very least, displaying their address or suite number. A main logo sign may be a large can sign or one made of channel letters. Using awnings to give interest and dimension to an otherwise boring box, but also using the opportunity to use it as a personal billboard makes financial sense. Don’t forget to use cost effective vinyl letting on any exterior doors or windows to include additional necessary information or to repeat your brand.

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