Do you have a business or property up for sale? Are you having a Grand Opening, moving, or an ownership change? If so, these events need to be advertised, and this when a property or site sign is a must. The many business or property owners in the Tampa Bay area, as well as the real estate agents  representing them, know that part of their marketing must include quality signs on site.

Premier Signs of Tampa has many such clients an have the experience to guide you to the correct outdoor signage to fit your needs. As you may have noticed driving around the Tampa Bay area, site and property sign materials vary. There are some most commonly used, like aluminum, aluminum backed, and coroplast. These materials are all lightweight and outdoor friendly. Aluminum and other metal signs are the most durable. They are used for parking lot, street signs and other more permanent signs because of their resilience in the outdoors. Coroplast signs are less long lasting but more cost effective. This makes Coroplast the material of choice for more “temporary” signs. Aluminum backed sign material fills the gap in between.

Coroplast material is what the new sign installed at Kroslak Bakery Equipment Company is made from. They are moving in order to expand their business. Being a repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa, they reached out once again to them for help. They needed to temporarily cover their original aluminum backed sign from Premier Signs. They chose to use coroplast, and since Premier Signs already had the specs on the original, they went right to work. The new sign would serve a dual purpose, announcing their new location, and the availability of their current location for sale. The new sign was installed over the sign at the corner of their lot, visible to the busy side of the street.

Two other aluminum backed “V” shaped signs, like Kroslak’s, were also recently installed in the Tampa Bay area. The first one advertises a future shopping center, location in Pasco County, and its advance leasing opportunity.The second, in New Port Richey, is at an existing commercial shopping center. It was placed on three poles in the middle of the grassy easement by the street, announcing space for lease.In each case, height restrictions per city and county codes were a consideration. Outdoor pole installations made following the specific regulations much more manageable, while still allowing optimal viewing.

The New Port Richey location also installed a single faced sign. It is in the middle of the lot, facing the street. This additional sign helps cover all bases with such a large property. Other times one single face sign, like this medical office leasing sign, may be all that is needed. Locations where the majority of the viewing comes from one side, space is limited, or a private property situation, where it would usually be viewed at closer range, are good examples. It is always extremely important that you use high contrasting colors, numbers and symbols to communicate the needs your sign expresses, especially outdoors. Simple text styles and high contrast color schemes ensure that your sign will be legible and effective. Exterior signs used for direction, caution or warning, especially need clear, concise lettering. This sign, made for a private property location, is a great example and is definitely conveying a warning.

The bulk of metal and aluminum signs can be found in parking lots, city streets, residential properties and commercial. These signs need to be weather resistant and extremely durable. The text is usually out of vinyl or reflective vinyl, and installations usually include a metal pole, but are not restricted to either. They are made to last, and therefore worth the extra investment. Metal signs can also be included in stone monuments or frames for a more upscale appearance.

Premier Signs client’s outdoor metal and coroplast signs can be found all throughout Tampa Bay. Call them today at 813-914-7006 for your outdoor property and site sign needs or email at