The word “Intex” stands proudly, high up on the exterior building wall of Intex Builders of Tampa. They needed extra large letters because they have a large building with a front parking lot to match. Making their title sign from large enough letters to be seen from a distance was important. Since channel letters come in a wide variety of sizes,( even beyond 20 inches in height), are sturdy enough for outdoors, and can also be LED lit, they were an easy choice. These channel letters are also LED halo lit, to not only be visible in a dark sky scenario, but giving the letters an artistic light shadow or “halo” effect. The lit perimeter of each letter, that is raised by peg installation off the building wall, is what creates the “halo”. 

Channel letters are very versatile and therefore a favorite of many of Premier Signs of Tampa’s clients. Like the letters at Intex, they can stand alone, or be part of a combination sign. Sign types, such as can signs, displaying everything from logos, tag lines, and even arrows are among the most popular additions to form a combo. Combos like these are either installed directly on a building’s face, by a peg system, or by being first attached to a raceway that is then secured to the actual wall. You will see raceway installations at many multi unit business and shopping centers. One reason is that it also helps to disguise the existing electrical power source that would be used to light the sign.

If your business needs a new or replacement outdoor sign for your entrance or your entire side wall, channel letters may be just the sign medium you need. Premier Signs of Tampa, can guide you through the many channel letter sign options for your business exterior location.
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