Communication through exterior business signs is very important for your business’ continued success. That should be a given for all business and property owners, but sometimes that’s too simple. Many businesses are inadequately represented by their signage. Additional signs with more information may be needed to properly market to existing and future customers. There are many types of add-on business signs for your exterior. They range in size, material, color, letter and sign type, as well as content. They serve many purposes, from hours of service to directional information or explanation of business type and services. Don’t lose business because your sign does not explain what you sell or what you do.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a small, flat sign on the side of your building is not worth the expense . These signs can be made with your budget in mind. Remember, they continue your marketing, capturing potential customers who would not otherwise see your main sign on the front. You can also take full advantage of your additional view, extra display area by installing a lighted cabinet sign. Here are some examples of exterior side wall add-on signs:   Each one serves to inform, identify location an enhance the exteriors.

Obviously the ideal is to have your signage package do everything possible for you from the very beginning, and that is why it helps to have sign experts with years of experience on your side. Premier Signs of Tampa is a great source. They have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. They can also help whenever you feel additional signage is necessary down the road . Businesses continue to grow and diversify. Your signage needs to convey that.You may need to let people know when you have expanded your goods, services, hours of operation, or your professional staff.

Individual polymetal, aluminum, acrylic or cabinet signs, where no previous signage existed, is just one place for an add-on. Don’t forget you can make a combo sign out of most existing signs. Install an add-on sign below your logo sign on a Hanging sign, monument, pylon sign or under channel letters. Repeat the same sign material and style to match the sign, or use a completely different sign medium and coordinate another facet, like matching color or typestyle, for cohesiveness.

Many of Premier Signs’ clients have done just that with great success. You can too. Just pick up the phone and call 813-914-7006 or email to