Custom outdoor business signs can vary in many ways, but one important way starts with each letter. Business owners can customize signs by size, color, text, etc., but this article focuses on letter dimension.

Exterior wall signs must follow code restrictions and property variances, so the more options, the better. What would seem to be a minimal choice, can really effect the look of not only your outdoor business sign, but the look of your entire property.

It really is an all important first impression decision. Customizing really allows you to project the look you want for your company to customers, new and old. It is your brand. Make it one that gets you recognized. Above all, keep it easy to read. Your letters don’t have to be fancy or extra large to be noticed. It can mean the difference between good marketing and none. One thing that can make your business signs stand out, literally, is the thickness of them.

Let’s concentrate on low profile or flat letter signs. Beautiful flush mounted letter signs have been created and installed all around Tampa Bay. Premier Signs of Tampa has collaborated with many businesses to get their perfect flat letter outdoor business sign.The acrylic medium, used in most applications, comes in a full spectrum of colors to choose from, as well as many metallic finishes. Text styles range from block style letters to rounded corners and even script. There is also a wide range of letter sizes to fit perfectly above your entrance, under an eve, across a soffit or on an outside wall. Creative logos can also be made and incorporated. You can tell by these examples just how different the outcome is, yet both equally effective.

There are many other Premier Signs’ clients that have impressively used dimensional letters. Florida Central’s sign is highly noticeable from a distance, with bright high contrast letters on the outside wall of the business. They seem to jump off the wall, while the brushed aluminum finish letters on JA’ s Biztown sign portray a fun but professional look, thanks to the whimsical text. The accounting firm of Gibbs and Parnell chose letters that give a more sophisticated look to their exterior entrance.

Installations vary as well. Most are applied directly to the exteriors, but the use of spacers can be employed to lift the letters off the surfaces. Highlighting just one word or portion of the sign, by these pegs, gives emphasis to that particular section, thus adding to the overall look.

Let Premier Signs of Tampa show you that a flat letter is so much more than you might have thought. With all the options, it can become a custom outdoor letter sign that will show off your name and logo in the style that best fits your business. Contact the sign experts today at 813-914-7006 or email questions to