PT Solutions has many locations in and around the Tampa Bay area. Two of their newest offices are in Tampa Palms and Zephyrhills, Florida. Having done business with Premier Signs of Tampa for their many other locations, they once again sought a partnership for these two exteriors.

Knowing their color specifications and font particulars enables the signs to process faster, skipping some initial steps. Cans and channel letters come in many choices of sizes and colors, along with a vast selection of text styles, so having much of this being previously determined, helps. However, each new location must be personally measured and any site restrictions investigated and followed. Landlords sometimes have their own exterior sign regulations that also must be considered. Once these details are sorted out, the beautiful and durable can and channel letter combination signs can be designed and manufactured.

You will notice that the use of contrast (bright blue letters against the white soffit), to accentuate the words really works and adds to the legibility of the sign. The white background of the can, containing the tag line description, also improves visibility when lit at night, and serves to clarify the business’ service. LED lighting adds another layer to your outdoor marketing that continues to reach people in stormy weather or dark of night.

These combination signs are attached to the outer walls by means of a raceway that has been painted to match the exterior soffit color. This way the letters and cans are spaced off the wall adding to their dimensional look. The second can sign displays their logo, rounding out this attractive and professional looking combo. Every section of this outdoor combination sign works twice as hard, and is twice as effective, when LED lit, so don’t forget to include this in all your exterior business wall signage.

Become a repeat customer, and form a partnership with the sign experts at Premier Signs of Tampa, and see just how easy the process can be when your business needs new or added signage. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email to