Restaurant locations and exterior building sizes and styles around the Tampa Bay area are as varied as the food they serve, but each one needs a sign for their buildings exterior. Building codes and architectural design may limit the size and design but an experienced sign company can help you with all that and more. That’s why premier Signs of Tampa has many repeat customers in the restaurant industry.

Jersey Mike’s, is a restaurant chain with many Bay area locations. Their locations are usually in a business center or mall, so their needs vary according to the outdoor wall space available. Using their signature red and blue, and usually LED lit channel letters, as a starting point, the custom process continues until the perfect outdoor logo sign is fabricated and installed. Here are some examples:

Make note that when location is on a corner, they utilize multiple signs for maximum exposure.



Cabinet signs are used when space is more limited, or as an alternative or additional sign. Take a look:

Some cabinets are attached directly to the exterior wall, some are used on pole signs set closer to the street, that are in addition to the wall entrance sign.


LED oval cabinet sign name placed atop center’s directory pole sign

Custom cut out integrated horse and name channel letters with solid tag line underneath

Individual restaurant owners have there own special circumstances. Here are some other Premier Signs clients and examples of their outdoor signage:

Letters installed in descending order off raceway to create curve

Channel letters w/ LED halo lighting

Graphic fish symbol beside large channel letters and cabinet sign below

Two tone tall letters on painted raceway







Experience makes diversity a creative outlet, not a limit, so when looking for your retail building signs best options for your exterior wall and additional signage, come to the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa. Start on your way to your custom signage by calling 813-914-7006 or emailing today.