Sign monuments come in as many shapes and sizes as sign materials, and Premier Signs of Tampa has experience with them all. Squares, rectangles, angled shapes and curves are just some custom outdoor monument choices. *Note: Know your city and county codes and any restrictions (size, height, etc.)for your monument.

Once you’ve picked the shape and size of the body of your monument sign, you can further customize it in many other ways.  

Lettering and graphics for your business monument sign also have many options beyond the usual size, color and text style. You can also choose  sandblasting or engraving your text, or adding individual letters(of acrylic, metal, vinyl, etc.) to the surface, and that’s usually if there is only one tenant. 



Picking a natural or manufactured sign material, like stone, granite or acrylic for the base is a mere starting point, because from there you can decide if the base will be free standing, or placed between poles, stone columns or of multiple materials.

Adding Address numbers and directional arrows can make your monument cross functional.



Placement of your monument is also very important. If your property is set on a corner, that is usually a great monument placement to allow viewing from traffic in more than one direction, but if your property is large, you may consider placing it street side at the base of your entrance driveway. Another installation option is in front of your main building especially if your location is part of a larger industrial or office park.



Multiple tenant sites usually employ one main monument, listing each tenant on a similar plaque or cabinet sign. In this case, it is up to the landlord what options you may have for your part of the sign. Some are very limited to ensure uniformity, others allow you freedom as long as it fits on the apportioned amount. here are some examples of each:



Last but not least, whether to light your monument or not, is very important. LED lighting gives your sign 24/7 visibility and marketing. It’s an option that works for you around the clock. A monument sign is an outward sign that your company is not only open for business, but plans to be serving their customers for years to come. It is seen as an investment in your business and the location, so light it up!

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