Saputo Company of Plant City, Florida is a business that can’t be missed, thanks to their new outdoor signs. To start with, they a double sided pole sign, consisting of two signs, installed at the entrance to their property. The larger can on the top displays the Saputo logo in red on a white background. The smaller, lower can denotes the shipping and receiving entrance with a directional arrow. When the pole sign was installed, the footer used 20K lbs of concrete, making it engineered for wind load ,etc. specifically for this sign and it’s location.The look is simple, clean and highly effective, the sign is strong and sturdy.

A pole sign is a great outdoor sign medium for this purpose because it lifts signage to optimum viewing height, and can be lighted from the interior or by property spot lighting. Pole signs, like this one, often hold more than one sign, which increases the options available for your signage. The choices for can sign dimensions, colors, text and graphics are vast as well. Pictured here are some of the man clients of Premier Signs of Tampa have also chosen this durable and attractive exterior sign option.

Saputo is not relying only on their pole sign to be easily identifiable. Two large channel letter signs were installed near the top on the side, and back, exterior building walls. These large bright red letters in their custom logo text style, are attached to the building’s outer walls by use of a raceway, painted to match the exterior wall color. At night and in unpleasant weather, it is still clearly visible, thanks to the letter’s LED lighting.

Building signs are another very popular, durable outdoor sign material with endless options. Saputo’s building is vey large, so their wall signage needed to be size proportionate. Channel letters can provide letters even as large as the 3ft letters that were needed for the Amerilife building, and others around the Tampa area. You can see by these additional photos, the effectiveness of the LED channel letters, that seem to light up the skies.



To further identify Saputo’s main office and reception entrance, a white aluminum sign with red letters was installed next to the door, attached to the building’s exterior. The sign is on the wall that butts up to the front stairway, but because it is a flat sign, it does not impede the use of the stairs. Since this wall allows for it, the sign is large enough to contain letters big enough to be read from the parking area. The customized matching red color, against the white background, provides the contrast necessary for distance viewing. This is one of the most important aspects of any size sign- it is legible, so it actually does the job it was intended for. This is why experts, like those at Premier Signs of Tampa, are an invaluable source. Signs are a business cost ,but they can be an additional marketing tool, or provide direction and keep your location customer friendly, etc., which can actually add to your bottom line. They can only do this if they are high quality and are the right sign for each location.

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