What’s in a word? If it’s your name or the name of your business, it could be everything. So when it comes to displaying that name in a sign, make it count.

Premier Signs of Tampa has been designing, creating, and installing such lobby signs for years, yielding quality, beautiful “word” signs all over the Tampa Bay region. They have the satisfied clientele to prove it. A few of the latest customers are Quorum, Distasio Law and Quala. The similarities of these three signs stop at having a one word main title out of individual Gemini letters. They use varying materials, acrylic and aluminum, each with a distinctive look. Quoram actually had signs made of both materials to be installed at different locations in their office. The acrylic sign is unique in the fact that a digital print was applied to the “Q” symbol to imitate the fade of blue colors they needed. It is a beautiful addition to the royal blue colored letters that finish out the remainder of the sign. This acrylic sign was installed flush to their interior wall. The brushed aluminum sign however, was mounted by means of pegs or stand-offs. This method was used because the weight of each letter was heavier than the acrylic counterpart. The look is also a flush mount appearance.

Quala also chose to use the sophisticated look of brushed aluminum letters for their interior lobby sign. The main title word is much larger than the matching tag line that runs the entire distance below it. Next to the title word, and just as large, is their trademark symbol. It is displayed on the main lobby wall to greet all who enter. Distasio Law’s reception area sign was custom laser cut from black acrylic in two sizes as well. They also have a signature symbol included in their title. They chose to stylize the beginning “D” with a reverse cut out. This twist differentiates them for easy identification while still remaining simple and professional in appearance. The sign was installed on a high gloss interior tile wall.

Turn your indoor business walls into focal points. Spruce up your interiors with quality sign letters of your choosing and see what’s in a word. Need a little or a lot of sign advice for your letter wall? Contact the experienced staff at Premier signs of Tampa today by calling 813-914-7006 or emailing info@premiersignsfl.com.