Pick a letter, any letter. Or ask the experts for advice, because there are many letter options when it comes to designing your signs. Starting with plastic. Two kinds of plastic letters are injection molded or formed plastic. Both of these are very durable even in harsh weather and environmental conditions, can be backlit with LEDs, have custom color matching available and provide letters with depth. They differ in standard options. Injection molded plastic letters create quality sharp edged letters ranging in size from 2″ to 18″, limited typestyles, and come in 45 standard colors and metallic finishes. Formed plastic letters come in 40 standard colors and metallic finishes, over 140 standard typestyles and can be as tall as 60″. Most often these sign letters are mounted on raceways and then attached to the wall,but since either of these plastic letters can be easily mounted to almost any surface, they are a popular choice, inside or out.



The next letter materials option is metal. For a look that’s high end with a substantial and almost regal look, many choose to use letters fabricated from metal rather than painted with a metallic look. These metals include Aluminum, bronze, brass, and stainless steel. Many professional offices, government buildings and universities don metal letters because of the stateliness and permanence they convey. Metal letters provide dimension, can be back lit, stand up to all weather conditions, and come in a wide variety of letter styles and finishes, including polished, brushed, and patina. 




Acrylic letters round out the letter mediums featured here. Laser cut acrylics afford a whole other dimension to your letter choice. The precision of the laser cut letter allows for more intricate letterstyles and logos. Acrylics can be layered and come in sizes from 1/2″- 72″. They have 32 standard colors up to 1/2″ thick. They, too, can be PMS color matched with the colors through out the entire letter. The intricate, dimensional capability for your company’s business logo, make this a very popular option for your reception area signs, to ensure a cohesive look. Many Tampa Bay businesses have used acrylics for their exterior business signs as well as in their lobbies.

You have been shown three beautiful, durable mediums that can create the perfect letters for all of your exterior and interior business signs, so contact the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to get started. call 813-914-7006 or email at premiersignsfl.com.