“A picture paints a thousand words”, so the saying goes……

It is never so appropriate than in your interior business lobby or reception area. In this case, there’s nothing like some signage to welcome your customers, clients, students or congregation. Springhill Church needed an extra something to ensure all who entered that they were indeed welcome, even in times when no one was there to personally greet them.  They chose a small but effective acrylic sign. This sign is etched vinyl with purple vinyl lettering attached to the back of the acrylic. A Temple Terrace, FL. Church, “His Hands”, needed a little more complex sign for their inside entrance. It not only has acrylic text in two sizes but includes a cross and two outstretched hands, all made from acrylic. The result is an artistic rendering of their symbol and purpose, greeting all who enter.

No matter how simple or complex, the right signage can transform any space. And when you need to add some color, there’s nothing better than the wide variety of standard colors and finish options that acrylic has. Choose from a rainbow of colors, or create your own rainbow, like the SPCA clinic in St. Petersburg. Their new space was filled with ribbons of color throughout their lobby waiting are. They also incorporated information on these bands of color making them not only beautiful, but educational. Animals and their masters are treated to a welcoming space that informs, helping any anxious “parents” by giving them something to read.  A lobby alcove reveals more colorful acrylic strips with a whole other purpose. Displayed here are the names of the donors for their “Paw it Forward” movement.

Acrylic is a perfect medium for these indoor signs. It is durable, lightweight, and can be installed virtually anywhere, even lying flat against a wall when needed, like here to not interfere with head space. Additionally, a 3D effect can be produced when acrylics are stacked on top of each other. These layered signs are still light in weight but heavy in appearance. Therefore, wall placement, even up high, is not an installation problem. Trinity School in Tampa has a lobby sign that is a perfect example. This, too, is an award sign. Much larger in scale, and the black acrylic bands are accompanied by a custom, precision cut acrylic tornado, all attached to a dibond sheet wrapped in wood grain vinyl. 

Many signs are comprised of acrylic parts or use acrylic as the base and add other materials. Some use vinyl  or acrylic lettering to complete the sign, but another way to use vinyl as a base is demonstrated by a Tampa area Beef O’Brady’s restaurant.

Their interior wall showcases many local attractions, using prints that are attached to acrylic blocks and installed with stand-offs, surrounding a television. It becomes a tasteful art gallery for their customers enjoyment. Take your interior space to a new level, customize a customer friendly, inviting space they will enjoy visiting time after time. Premier Signs of Tampa can review or needs and your options with you to get your walls to “talk”.


Acrylic is a very versatile medium, so whether your needs are simple or more complex, one-color or multi-colored, large scale or small, consider an acrylic sign. Premier Signs of Tampa’s expert staff can help you, whatever your signage needs. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email at info@premiersignsfl.com.