Have a special event happening in your life? Are you planning a wedding? Celebrating an anniversary? Is your company holding a special event? Whether you are hoping to invite a small group or let the world know, you need extraordinary signage. Signs can be tailor made to compliment your specific needs and really add to the whole affair.

Take for example, weddings….. mount a simple monogram of the newlyweds and add instant personalization. The perfect backdrop for the head table or the seating chart as seen here. These monograms not only are unique to the couple, but give a distinguished look to their celebration and can be repeated, or just a single letter used, to greet guests at the entrance. A simple, yet sophisticated way to let your guests know they are at the right place. These monograms can be custom made in a multitude of colors, text, and sizes to fit your particular color scheme. Other options include your materials. PVC, acrylics, colorplast, metals and even sandblasted foam can be used to produce your monograms. Take into consideration things such as, where they will be hung, price, one time or repeated use, disposability or storage concerns, and size, when looking over your options. The experts at Premier Signs of Tampa can give you guidance and help you choose the right medium for your event. Don’t forget that these same signs could be used for anniversaries, or replaced with numbers for birthdays and school reunions.

Other wedding signs can hold captions for pictures