The beginning of fall tells us that winter is not far behind and even in sunny Florida we can wake to some frosted windows. This frosting comes naturally, but another beautiful form of this process can be recreated for your next interior lobby sign, dividers and even your front doors!

Many Tampa Bay businesses have chosen to do just that. The following article will give you many examples and pictures.

Reliaquest of Tampa is the most resent customer of Premier Signs to request the frosted look. This was for their building façade at Junior Acheivement’s Biztown. This “lobby” sign starts with a clear acrylic rectangle base. The next layer is a tri-color digital print, followed by the frosted vinyl, all applied from the back. The result is a simple but beautiful business sign, with their signature symbol in the upper right corner.

Frosting, or “etching”, can be found on doors and windows as well. A single layer can give an interior or exterior window or door an upgraded feel. This sophisticated upgrade also serves to give privacy, when needed, along with an artistic touch. Many “etched” windows and doors are really cleverly designed precision cut frosted vinyl installed in reverse, like these interior hallway “smiles” at Pasco Dental or on this law office meeting room divider. A complete door or window in an option, but as you can see, adding a little or a lot is just one of the many design options when using this frosted detail. Since frosted vinyl comes in many sizes and is able to be precision cut for intricate designs, you are not limited to basic stripes or even one dimensional patterns. The front doors of Kapernik are a perfect example of a more complex pattern and a duo application that includes a layer applied to both the front and the back. What a gorgeous entrance, and yet allows light into their interior business lobby, making it more inviting.

Another example of acrylic, vinyl and frost is shown here in this lobby reception area sign at Sport & Spine. However this time the sign started with a frosted piece of acrylic and the vinyl letters were applied to the front surface. This small  sign is attached to the lobby wall by means of silver pegs. These add a touch of class and make sure the sign is well secured to the wall. Other installation methods include those that are purely utilitarian to those that serve to give dimension or other artistic additions.

This final two frosted signs are perfect illustrations of layering and dimension. Home Dialysis Services used a clear, beveled rectangle piece of acrylic and had their custom “pinwheel” design done with a frosted vinyl background and a smaller pattern on top with a solid silver. This imitates the silver in the dimensional acrylic letters applied to the front of the sign and their frosted tag line that is underneath. Adding yet another dimensional aspect, the sign is installed with silver stand out pegs that lift it off the wall.

Marcadis Plastic Surgery, another Premier Signs client, needed a frosted lobby sign that was suspended hung from brackets. Other differences include the use of an additional color for their acrylic letters and the removal of some of the frosted vinyl to created the large flowing letter in the background. The end result is equally as dimensional as the Home Dialysis sign, but the process and installation are completely different.

You can certainly go simple, or go wild when designing signs with the “etched” look. So look to the experienced professionals at Premier Signs of Tampa to get exactly the right “etched” sign, window, or door for your business. Call 813-914-7006 or email at