Women aren’t the only ones who like something shiny! We are all drawn to the gleam of gold, silver and other polished metals. We even garnish our homes and holiday decorations with it. Cars with chrome catch our eye as they glide past us. There’s not only something eye-catching about shiny metals but a sense of prosperity and importance associated with their use. This is the effect of using them for exterior wall plaques and signage too.

Recently, two such metal sign plaques were created and installed at two Ybor city building locations. One made of beautiful brass holds the names of the building’s two business inhabitants and the second displays an etched diagram of this particular section of Ybor, out of bronze, that has historic significance. Both give distinction to the brick exteriors in a very sophisticated way. This use of metal is a perfect example of why many businesses choose metal for their exterior business plaques. An added benefit is the durability of such metals to endure extreme sun exposure and other weather related problems that other sign materials can’t provide. Metal signage not only has the look of substance, but is inherently long lasting.

Here are some other examples of metal plaques that Premier Signs has fabricated and installed around Tampa Bay, on building exteriors and indoor lobby walls:


Some plaques require metal as their medium choice in order to convey the exact effect desired by the business owner. Sometimes, however, a different medium fulfills the business’ need better, and that is why there are many mediums to choose from.

Sandblasting is another popular plaque technique. This can provide 3Dimension and choice of colors that some signs such as emblems, crests, and many logos require. Sandblasting is a beautiful way to get depth and provide intricate detail and use virtually any color palate. Even a metal like finish can be applied to all or part of the sandblasted material to give the look of metal, but without the weight. It is a popular alternative to metal, especially for an indoor wall plaque, but is durable enough for outdoor use.

Metal and metal finished faces can also be applied to  acrylics and other lightweight materials.


There are lots of options when considering business plaque signs. Sign placement and content will be influential, but most of all, it is personal choice. The experts at Premier Signs of Tampa can help your business, club or institution get the right sign to express your message in the very best way. Call today to start the process at 813-914-7006 or email at info@premiersignsfl.com.