When you open your home or business for visitors, you look around to see what needs sprucing up before they arrive. Well many Tampa area schools are doing the same. Outdoor staircases are the norm in sunny Florida, but they are not usually something students look forward to seeing in the fall. The thought of lugging books and supplies up and down to class everyday is not very favorable and the bare cement is less than welcoming. So Folsom Elementary and Impolato School decided to change that. With the help of Premier Signs of Tampa, they designed floor graphics with words of inspiration to attach to the stairs. Now on approach, the students and faculty have a bright, uplifting, and personalized message in front of them, giving the stairwells an eye pleasing appearance.

Hillsborough Community School District is a repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa. The word of how the floor graphics have transformed stairwells at other schools, became the catalyst for Folsom and Impolato to design some for their students. Floor Graphics are inexpensive, easily installed and long lasting. Background and font colors are numerous insuring a bright, easily legible medium for your motivational words. Large choice of font styles and the ability to add custom graphics, make it easy to personalize. These characteristics also make it popular with sports venues like arenas, basketball courts, and locker rooms.

Schools and sporting venues are not the only businesses that can benefit from this product. One of the biggest perks of these aluminum backed signs is that your business is no longer limited to just your walls, inside or out. The surface you walk on just became a new way to advertise and attract attention! Even the sidewalk leading to your entrance becomes a canvas to cleverly show them the way, (with foot or paw prints if you are a shoe or pet store, for example) or, since they are removable, use them to advertise a special offer or limited time sale!  Imagine creating excitement with each step! Holiday greetings at their feet already put your clients in a festive mood before they open the door, and of course, once inside, the floor graphics can continue. There are simply endless possibilities for their use, including installing it on (of all things) a wall! Think outside the box.

. Look down next time for inspiration, because it might not be at your fingertips, but your toes instead! With their experience with floor graphics and other floor sign materials(like logo and directional mats), Premier Signs of Tampa can expertly advise, fabricate, and install your new layer of indoor or outdoor signage. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email: info@premiersignsfl.com.