Business signs in Tampa, Florida come in all shapes and sizes and serve many purposes, but the message sometimes needs a facelift. A Great example of just that is the new updated sign for Celebration Church in the Tampa Bay area. This before and after really shows the value of updating or replacing your exterior signage. When the old sign is no longer doing its job, come to the sign designers at Premier Signs of Tampa with your ideas and needs. With their expert guidance, your outdoor signage can once again be something you can be proud of.

Your exterior business sign is a reflection of your business and is a key piece of marketing. A faded, damaged or out of date sign can tell your clients and prospective customers the wrong story. Whether you are in the business of divine inspiration or a plumbing warehouse, your sign needs to reflect that you are still open for business and continue to be a viable place for them to come.  If they are seeking you out for the first time, it is especially important that your sign is legible to verify they have come to the right place, and a new welcoming sign means you plan on being a place that they can conduct business for years to come.

Pole signs like this one at Celebration Church are a great medium for a street side sign since they can be height adjusted for maximum visibility within the constraints of city codes.  This also showcases that it can be double sided and hold additional signs above or below the main sign for supplemental information or even directional arrows. The sign cabinets on this pole, like many others, also have the ability to have LED lights installed inside to be a beacon of light, day or night, no matter if the storm you are experiencing is weather related or internal. With LED lights your sign can lead them directly to your business 24/7.

Here are examples of other updated pole signs around Tampa Bay showing the value of bringing new life to an old sign: 

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