Need a new sign but need help determining placement, size, or installation options? Your property usually dictates placement, being mindful of building codes, but that’s where a professional can help and customize signage for you. Many obstacles you perceive may not be as problematic as you think. Here are some “problems” and possible solutions:

How do I get maximum visibility? – Is it possible to get a durable sign that allows me to change information as tenants change? – Can I replace the face of an existing cabinet sign from a former business? Is it possible to combine more than one type of sign to include directional arrows or face more than one direction? My business property does not have ample exterior lighting, are there lighting options?

Visibility Solutions:

  • Pole or pylon signs can lift your message off the ground and over bushes, desks, etc., that might have interrupted the view.
  • Hanging signs off a side wall or over a front entrance by brackets or spacers allows signage to be up high but attached to your building when exterior property is at a minimum and flush mount signs aren’t enough.
  • LED Backlighting illuminates your signs even in inclement weather for outdoors, and in the darkest corridor or lobby for indoors, especially when spotlighting is not practical.
  • Neon or bright colors placed on a contrasting solid, outlining or borders all help draw attention to your signage when a background is busy or their are competing signs close by.
  •   Durability with flexibility:
  • Materials such as metal ,stone, brick or acrylic are very durable materials that can serve as a base in which another sign can be inserted or attached, and that additional sign can in turn be replaced when needed, limiting your expense.
  • Removable vinyl letters and graphics can be applied to most sign surfaces or windows and replaced in part or whole.
  • A separate sign can hang from a more permanent sign, or two signs can be back to back or form a triangle to be visible in multiple directions.
  • Flags or banners can be installed at any height and extend out from a building to be used for seasonal or promotional events.

  • Reusing existing sign hardware:
  • In some cases it is possible to create a new sign to reface an existing cabinet or use an existing pole or brackets, if these materials are all in good working order. ( Be mindful that sometimes this is not the best sign solution either economically or for giving you the best marketing potential. Ask an expert for options.)
  • Well constructed monuments have the potential to be reused as a base for new sign materials.
  • Pylon signs that are segmented with separate cabinet signs can be individually replaced or sometimes a simple replacement of the vinyl or acrylic lettering attached to the fronts, can be done leaving the base of the sign intact.
  • Consider the possibility that adding an additional sign to existing signage might be the best solution especially in matters of directional or informational needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Premier Signs of Tampa have the solutions you are looking for so call today for advice.                                                         Our experts :  813-914-7006, or email at