The beautiful New Port Richey community of Crescent Forest has just added some more outdoor signage that was needed to inform and direct its residents and visitors. A concern of their home owners association was matching their existing street and community signs for continuity and overall ambience. Premier Signs of Tampa recently created and installed their metal signage throughout the property so were familiar with the materials, designs and colors they preferred. The previous signage consisted of various sizes and shapes of black aluminum signs with reflective gold font. The street and stop signs poles were made of 3″ round black aluminum. Their new needs were then custom created out of the same quality metal materials.

The quality of these outdoor metal signs does not stop at their appearance. They are durable and long lasting as well. These features make it an easy choice for any HOA.  The endless size and shape options for metal signs also make continuity possible when additional signage is needed. The font is also versatile. Keeping the font color the same on the majority of outdoor community signs furthers consistency, but the use of another color or typestyle can be used to grab attention or amplify a warning, serving to keep residents safe. 

When communities grow, their needs change. Problems can arise, but new matching signage will not be one of them. Whether the need is additional directional arrows, street signs or new building names (even with individual numbers or symbols) it would not be an issue. Location and terrain changes are not a problem either since mounting options abound. Mounting on the exterior of a building, on a pole, or suspending from an overhang are just a few of the ways these metal signs can be installed.  Height restrictions, reflective materials requirement, or the desire to be seen from multiple directions can all be taken care of by metal exterior signs. Attaching a sign back to back, one above another, or having an extra large sign elevated by multiple posts can easily take care of maximum visibility issues that some outdoor locations have.

Metal signs provide a sense of permanence and professionalism that not all outdoor sign materials can provide. Look into this exterior material choice for your next outdoor signage and be amazed at the possibilities and choices it can offer. For HOA signs please Contact Premier Signs of Tampa to discuss your outdoor needs by calling 813-914-7006 or email us at: