Does your business exterior need refreshing? Ever wonder what your exterior signage is saying about you to customers? Need some help in replacing old signage? That is exactly where SelecTrucks of Tampa found itself! Their signage was worn and the branding was changing. They needed to replace it but were not sure of their options, especially since they were looking to modernize with a smaller, streamlined sign.

They came to a decision that their previous lettering would have to come down. However, this was only half the solution. Upon removing the letters, there would be unsightly, damaged areas showing on either side of the new, sleeker version they wanted. So a custom solution was formed and a white poly metal board was installed the length of the previous sign, placing the new cabinet sign on the top. This was the attractive, cost efficient solution they were looking for.

Not only did they get a budget friendly outcome, the result also gave a dimensional look that enhanced the cabinet sign. The interior was fitted for LED lights while the front displays their new logo in duo color vinyl letters. The red and black vinyl letters stand out on the white background making the letters highly visible and their name easily legible from a distance. The use of LEDs to backlight your signage gives you day and night publicity. Your sign can do its job even in less than prime weather conditions. Now Selectrucks Tampa is receiving the right kind of attention from its outdoor wall sign.

Does your business signage need some problem solving? If your business is rebranding, new signs are very important.  Are you putting off an update because you would like to change sign sizes but worried that it will not cover damage etc. left from previous signs? Do you need some budget friendly options to encourage doing some improvements to rejuvenate your exterior? Turn to Premier Signs of Tampa for answers.

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