When your business name is “Grand Plaza”, your exterior buildings and plaza entryways need to look the part. That’s exactly why the Grand Plaza of Carrollwood, Florida chose cast metal letters. The advantages of cast metal fall in the practical category as well as the aesthetic. They come in aluminum or bronze that is extremely durable, yet earth-friendly and recyclable! The cast metal can be painted to color match with 45 standard colors available. Other finishes include brushed, oxidized, patina, and anodized, all with their own options.cast alum 2 cast alum 3Cast metal letters are also more affordable than flat cut metal when you are looking for thicknesses above 1/4 inch. Thick letters and logos give a sense of permanence and create depth, while making them more easily seen . Text choices are vast and come in flat, round or prismatic architectural faces.

Cast metal is not limited to letters. Symbols, numbers and custom logos can also use this medium. These also come with many finish options and can be flat faced or sculpted. The Grand Plaza made use of this, not only for address identification for their exterior buildings, but for directional purposes on its entrance monument to help guide their customers. It clearly and professionally shows the distinction between the office and retail sections of the Tampa Bay area plaza.cast alum

Premier Signs of Tampa created and installed the custom cast metal signs for Grand Plaza. The mounting option chosen was a flush stud driven into the exterior brick building face. In addition to a flush mounting, cast metal can be installed with a spacer for more depth or by means of a bottom bracket, bottom or top stud, or even a bottom and top rail mount.  These mounting options make cast metal an excellent choice for most outdoor business or community sign requirements and building code restrictions.

Most cast metal also comes with a clear coat providing different gloss values depending on the finish. If you want your business’ exterior signage to shine at night, halo-light your cast letters. They can be cast to be LED friendly, which allows for 24 hour advertising and identification visibility.

Premier Signs of Tampa can walk you through all of the merits and options that cast metal has to offer. Call our sign experts today at 813-914-7006 or email us at: info@premiersignsfl.com for your new exterior signs and make your business look grand.