Alonso high school in Tampa was interested in ordering signs that would be used to show current school records for the track and swim team. These signs were then installed in the school gym for everyone to see. While the aluminum dibond sign that the records lie on top of is permanently mounted to the wall, the names on the board as well as the record time is easy to replace.

The two pictures below show the sign as it was being created. The names and times on the board are made with two-sided banner tape, making replacement very easy. The sign was mounted to the gymnasium wall using repositionable vinyl.

Alonso Alonso production 1 Alonso production 2







From the colors used in the sign all the way to the font, the entire sign is fully customizable. While these signs are great for schools that want to show records, they are also great for businesses offices to show goals, top sellers and more. Options are endless and we are willing to work with you to figure out the best option for you!

Premier Signs would be happy to help you design your custom record sign and so much more. Please call 813-914-7006 or call for more information.