Fabric signs provide a very professional and appealing look. Fabric banners are extremely durable and they are used among many industries. Premier Signs has done many fabric banners used by museums and even retail sites. Fabric signs can be made from fabric or cloth in which we can sew pieces together to make a large sign. With a variety of different colors to choose from for your fabric banner, it is easy to catch the customers eye.

Fabric signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor fabric banners are made allowing increased durability as wind is able to get through the material.  These banners are also able to be washed and they are very light weight making them east to transport. There are many different fabric sign options such as single-sided, double- sided or sheer. Ordering a fabric sign is a great investment as most of the fabrics that we print on are fade resistant, and also wrinkle resistant, allowing your fabric sign purchase to last a long time.

Below are some pictures of fabric signs we did for the Museum of Fine Arts. The banners hung over the exhibit giving viewers a different kind of prospective. In order to prevent light from shining through the fabric sign we installed a block out material.







Fabric banners are also great for indoor usage. Indoor banners can be used in tradeshows, stores and more. Again, fabric signs really provide a great look. Premier Signs is committed to making the perfect fabric banner for your business. From the design process all the way to the installation, we will be there for your sign needs. Please call us with any questions and to get more information about fabric signs! 813-914-7006.