Most often, monument signs are placed near the road for all of the passing traffic to see. Essentially, monument signs are made to make your business stand out and to be noticed. Monument signs are fully customizable from the size, all the way to the material of the sign.

There are a number of different options which include plastic, foam, wood, brick and concrete. In addition, we offer monument signs that are changeable. If you are often trying to get a message out to customers, or promote a product, this might be a good option for you. This type of monument sign allows you to change the letters on a board. However you envision your monument sign to be, I’m sure we can make it happen and create the perfect monument sign for your business.

Monument signs are usually used for churches, communities, retail centers, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and office buildings. Wherever you wish to make a statement, is where a monument sign belongs.

Monument signs are made to be durable and resistant against weather. There are many options in terms of customizing the sign. Most of the time, channel lettering is used on a monument sign. However, lettering can be engraved and etched into the sign as well. You are also able to choose if you would like the sign to be illuminated. Premier Signs provides a variety of different lightning options for monument signs. Using the lightning feature allows your business to be visible 24/7!

Premier Signs is committed to making a monument sign that sets you apart from other businesses. From creating the monument sign to installing it, we want to help you make a lasting impression. 

With restrictions and rules about placement and the sizes of monument signs, it is important to call us at 813-914-7006 to find out more information.