What better way to use vacant window space by applying window graphics that draw customers into your business? Using this space to advertise helps you in getting more business.  Window graphics can be applied to any glass surface and are easily installed in minutes. A window graphic can be used for a variety of things. Window graphics are great for presenting customers the store hours, promotions, sales, new products or even your company logo. The window is your easel; you are free to create a graphic that catches your customers eye! A variety of different businesses would get use out of a window graphic such as a restaurant, retail space, doctor/dentist office, commercial offices, boutiques and more!

Window signs can be a variety of sizes. In this case, the picture below features a window sign that was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. We consider this to be a large window sign. With this company, they didn’t have signage space to have another sign. Instead of giving up on advertising efforts, they used the window space on the second floor. Not only is this sign good for catching the traffics attention, but also makes a big impression.


The type of window sign used was a window perf. It was laminated in order to protect the sign from the sun. The lamination is clear and allows great visibility as well as protects from dings and damage. The perforated window film is applied just like vinyl. Taking off the sticky backing allows it to stick to the window. We have a variety of different options that allow you to customize your perforated window sign in any way you please!

We would be happy to help you figure out options in terms of a perforated window film. Please contact us at 813-914-7006!