Indoor signs are extremely important because they make the first impression on your customers. Leaving the right impression is crucial. That’s why Premier Signs is here to help.

With indoor office signage, it is really good to capture your brand with a design that fits. In terms of indoor signs, there are many different options. From ADA signs, acrylic signs, dimensional lettering, directory signage, recognition signage, wall murals, wall plaques and much more.

ADA signs are required by law, so it’s VERY important to have these inside your business. Some examples of ADA signs include bathroom signage, parking signs, room numbers, exit signs, stair signs and elevator signs.

ADA Women







Most of the time, wall murals are made to make a STATEMENT! There are a variety of wallpapers to choose from such as a matte surface or a gloss. The wall mural can even have special designs by texture.

large wallpaper






Acrylic signs are great indoor signs because they leave a lasting impression on customers. Acrylic signs are very professional and slick looking. Lobby signs are popular for a corporate logo. There are many different acrylic options to choose from.







Metal reception area signs can be customized with dimensional letters made from acrylic or vinyl.







Directory signage is crucial in keeping your business running smoothly. The last thing you want is traffic jams coming in and out of your office.  A lobby directory signs can offer tenant names and directions. That’s why it is so important to have indoor signage that can give your customers the information they need to know!  A great way to thank your customer for coming!






Recognition signage is a perfect way to showcase and recognize people for awards, donations and more. There are many different sign customization options when it comes to making this type of sign. The plaque in the picture is just one of many options.








Finally, dimensional signs help to make that BOLD statement that you’ve always wanted. The dimensional letters not only provide a 3D effect, but can also be customized to have different backings on the letters that allow you to use a spacer that will then cast a shadow behind the letters. This makes the sign look like it has depth.






These are all great signs to think about when improving the inside of your business. Make the lasting impression on your customers that keeps them coming back! Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE! 813-914-7006.